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King Aus Milan


There will come a time when you'll look around and see people trying to walk in your footsteps, and you'll be reminded of who's you walked in.- King Aus Milan

-King Aus Milan-

 Ausben Strongheart, was Born in Texas and is an enrolled member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. He is a Jack of All Trades and a master of many.Starting out young as a BBOY (Break Dancer), and picking up Martial Arts. Becoming a Triple Threat performer, that graduated from a prestigious performing arts high school, and two conservatory colleges was in his cards. Graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre (singing, acting, dancing), and Dance ( jazz, tap, modern, ballet, contemporary), the road was set to make his dreams and hard work come true.

While in NYC King Aus performed in off Broadway, regional, and National tours, but something was missing. It was Street Dance and Club Culture. So King Aus set out on a journey to become apart of NYC's street dance legacy. He was introduced to such Icons and Legends in the Street dance world as Brian Foot Work Green (Street Dance Pioneer), Tyrone Proctor ( Waacking Pioneer), Shabba Doo (Lockers/Waacking Pioneer), Willie Ninja (Vogue Pioneer), Ejoe Wilson(Street Dance), Hit Master Fish ( Popping Legend), Jazzy J (Electric Boogaloos), Muhammad Ultra Omni ( Vogue Icon) and many more. He became like a sponge and the more the shared the more he took in. King Aus became a regular at union square park, such clubs as, Shelter, Sin Sin, Club House, Opus 22, where he danced the night away. He "hit on the street"  (danced for money) Yet it was in the streets and competition battles where he gained his international fame and glory. Winning countless competitions like House Dance Conference and House Dance International in NYC where he became the first and second winner of the worlds first ever waacking battles. Not to mention winning Street Star, Step Ya Game Up, HDC, Funk Chicken, Awards Ball, to name a few in several other styles of dance.

King Aus has been apart of and created groups suck as Imperial House Of Waacking, House Of Ninja, deemed the International Father Of The Pioneering Iconic House of Ultra Omni, and now the Royal House of Milan. He was also part of creating a group called The Ivyleague that combined some of NYC's top working street dancers in the industry. He was apart of the Universal Zulu Nation as a street hitter, not to mention a member of The Atomic Hitterz/G Style East. King Aus was so versatile he literally bridged the gape between, the ballroom scene, the hip hop/house scene, and the international dance scene in over 50 countries.

King Aus in his career has choreographed, danced, or worked with artists, or on shows such as Kendrick Lamar, Akon, Cuba Gooding Jr, A Tribe Called Red, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Swedish House Mafia, Swedish Grammy Awards, ADL, Wayne Brady, Paula Abdul, Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen, Tyra Banks, Samuel L Jackson, Jody Watley, Mtv, Madonna take over to name a few. He has appeared or Choreographed for such television and stage shows as ABDC, Nike Convention Sweden, World of Dance, Jaana Mann, Live 2 Dance, Tarzan Broadway, West Side Story, History Channel, Al Roker, Uniqlo Japan and more. With over 18 years in the industry, the last 5 years King Aus has focused on the history of dances in the Funk, Hip-Hop, and House culture, which he has spread through the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America, and South America. In these countries he has been a judge for countless dance contests, promoting the true art, culture, and essence of these dances!


King Aus Milan

The Street Dance Master


Aus Strongheart

The "Pow Wow" Champ


Ausben Jordan II

The Performer